The Flyboard Experience

Take flight in paradise with the all new Flyboard system by Zapata Racing. This activity is a 'must-do' for anyone looking to add a splash of adrenaline to their B.V.I holiday experience.

How Does It Work?

The Flyboard works by redirecting the thrust from the jet of a jetski into a hose and out of the nozzles situated on either side of the boots. The directional control of the Flyboard is given to the wearer of the boots, while the operator; sitting on the Jetski controls the level of thrust.

No Experience Needed

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Is it Safe?

Flyboarding has one of the lowest chances of injury when compared to many water sports activities available. Under the supervision of an experienced Flyboard instructor, the chances of injury is extremely low. Our Flyboarding instructors have been trained and certified by the best in the industry to recognize and preempt any potential situations that may result in any injury to our Flyers.

We'll Bring The Excitment To You

If staying on a yacht, or spending a holiday in a beautiful villa by the beach, have us bring the experience to you. This is a great option for small or large groups looking to take advantage of their location, and can be packaged with other activities for events.