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Jet Ski Tours & Rentals


Our tours offer an experience unmatched by any in the Virgin Islands. An experienced guide leads your party around some of the most pristine waters in the Caribbean. Tours can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Riders can customize their experience based on their personal preference and suggestions made by our guide.

North Sound

Tours of North Sound includes sightings of Necker Island and an optional stop at Prickley Pear Island. Spotting huge sea turtles through crystal clear seas while cruising along our famous coastline is near dream-like.

Mountain Trunk Bay and Savanah Bay

Leaving the North Sound, and heading towards the westerly end of the Island, riders are immediately met with a 4 minute stretch of bumpy seas. Once cleared, the vista opens up to one of the calmest seas in the B.V.I. This long and empty stretch along the coastline is perfect for riders who are looking to add a little more speed to their touring experience.

Spanish Town and The Baths

Once passed the open waters of Trunk Bay and Savanah Bay, riders arrive in Spanish Town. Located here is Fischer's Cove, one of our optional rest-stops for riders who may be fatigued or hoping to grab a cold drink before the tour is over. Past Fischer's Cove and further west is The Baths, a beach famous worldwide for it's series of boulders and caves. This also serves as our turn-around point as we head back to our base in North Sound.

Free-Style Rental

This option is for our novice or experienced riders not interested in our Tour experience. Riders are restricted to a specific zone within the North Sound to ride at their leisure.

The Jetskis

Our current jetski fleet consists of four well-maintained Yamaha VX Deluxes and two Yamaha VXRs.

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